American Presidential Estates Capitol Hill

Park Comparison

Community Comparison Check List

Retirees and People Looking to Downsize

For your convenience, we have created this list to help you compare manufactured home communities. It will also give you an idea of what a mobile home park might look like five or ten years after you have purchased your home.

1) American Presidential Estates & Capitol Hills 734-483-3700
2) _____________________________________ ___________
3) _____________________________________ ___________
4) _____________________________________ ___________
Item: 1 2 3 4
Overall Condition of Community      
Condition of streets, driveways, and sidewalks      
Condition of neighboring homes and sites      
On site management with 24 hour community emergency line      
Homeowner satisfaction with winter snow and ice removal service      
Does the Community offer single and multi year leases      
Does the Community Management sponsor events
(Such as, Best Lawn & Garden Contest, Monthly Rent Discount Drawings, etc.)
Are all home sites individually addressed      
Does the Community allow fiberglass steps      
Do all homes have windows or doors on the street side of the home      
Are there homes with windowless walls facing the street      
Do all homes have Horizontal Lap Siding to the ground      
Do homes have carports & sheds or garages      
Are the streets wider then 29 feet      
Are the mailbox areas weather protected and lighted      
Is there high watt street lighting
(at least 250 watt)
Are there play areas in at least 3 locations in the community      
Is there a under 12 kiddy play area      
Is there a pool and clubhouse      
Is there on site fishing and picnic areas      
Are there Tennis, Basketball, & Roller Courts      
Is there a major highway within 2 miles of the Community      
Is there boat launching, golf and other activities within 2 miles      
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