American Presidential Estates Capitol Hill

Retirees and people looking to downsize

Retirees and People Looking to DownsizeFor many individuals and families there are times when life takes them in different directions and they decide that it makes sense to adjust or downsize their living arrangements.

Individuals who have experienced a divorce, or suffered the loss of a spouse, frequently face the need to lower their housing costs and reduce the size of their residence.

Retirees and people on a fixed income want to be able to control their monthly costs.

Empty nesters who no longer want to see their equity tied up in a house that is just too large and costly, or that have a large mortgage payment.

Snowbirds who want a home near their friends and relatives that will be low maintenance and won’t cost them an arm and a leg.

American Presidential Estates & Capitol Hills can help.

Manufactured homes are typically less then half the cost of a stick built home.

They are low maintenance and well insulated which will help to lower monthly utilities.

Being cost efficient, they will allow you to own your own home but still leave you with the ability to fly south for the winter.

With private parking and yards where you can landscape and grow your own garden, they’ll make you feel good about where you live.

American Presidential Estates & Capitol Hills is a place where neighbors look out for each other and their homes, where people take pride in where they live, and where Management works hard to keep costs stable. Just drive down any street, maybe even stop and speak to some homeowners. You’ll see what we mean. There’s no place like home and there’s no place like Presidential.

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